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Saturday, February 25, 2017

I have put together a list of all the things we found useful during our trip to Disney World earlier this month. Mason was 7 months and Camden was 2 and a half at the time of our 5...6? day trip. I looked up many blogs and pinterest accounts for ideas, but you have to remember some things that worked for us may not work for you or your children! Part two and three will be up later on. I will include more details on rides, restaurants and other things to do at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios then.
Bottle time for Mason, getting it set up^

#1 The Perfect Stroller
A good, sturdy double stroller is IMPORTANT. We took our all-terrain Mountain Buggy Duet and it did pretty good. It does have the option to have the smaller child face towards you, or in a bassinet, but I didn't use that feature (sold separate.) It also reclines which is perfect when they are taking naps. I think the basket underneath was a life saver! I would often put my backpack in the basket along with blankets, water and baby carrier down there.

Jeff would wrap the lock around a tire and the frame of the stroller to keep it secure while we went on rides.

Disney also offers stroller rentals at their parks but the thought of my kids sitting where 1,000+ others have sat is gross to me. A lot of people also did rentals from private companies, which seemed to be the popular way to go. They also have selections of various strollers so you're not stuck with the standard Disney Park stroller.

 Cup Holders & Stroller Hooks & FANS!
The  Mountain Buggy Duet comes with a bottle holder, but I went ahead and purchased a universal stroller cup holder as well. We used it for sippy cups and soft drinks.

The stroller hook was used for our reusable popcorn bucket, merchandise we bought at the park or to hold up Jeff's backpack which was significantly lighter than mine!

Even in February it was HOT. I last-minute packed some stroller fans for the boys and I am so glad I did! We used it most of the time we were there and people kept coming up and asking where we got them, or how they wished they had thought of that.

#2 Diaper Backpack
I picked up the Honest Backpack specifically for our trip after asking Amber Fillerup what she used for her babies during all their traveling. I loved this backpack! I couldn't even imagine carrying a traditional diaper bag AND a kid on every ride. 

This bag comes with a changing pad, and what I thought was even cooler, was that it had a compartment for wipes, diapers, whatever. Ok so maybe your changing pads already do that but my previous ones did not. It has BIG comfortable straps great for long trips. The Honest Bag also has many compartments. Here is what I had in mine:

- Wipes & Diaper 
- First Aid Kit
- Change of Clothes

I also bought a clear travel makeup bag to store tylenol (teething baby), Honest Sanitizer Spray (safe for kids), SUNSCREEN, bug spray, tylenol and advil (for adults).
Baby Banz!

My Joovy Formula Dispenser is my ride or die product. Would recommend 10/10. There are three slots so I did four scoops of formula each. My glass bottle was 8oz, and I also made that bottle prior to going to the parks so I would have an extra bottle feed. I went with glass because I didn't want the plastic to heat up and emit harmful chemicals into Mason's food.

Baby Banz are baby noise-canceling headphones. I always use these for fireworks when Fourth of July rolls around. At Disney World, we used these for fireworks, and the parades which got really loud.

Looking up Fast Passes lol

#3 Baby Carrier
For the rides that we did go on, I used an Ergo Baby Carrier. I got mine for a steal at Zulily ( about $50). This was also helpful when I wanted Mason to stretch after sitting in the stroller for long periods of time.

First, ALWAYS bring extra pair of clothes and shoes for adults on your trip. You never know when it will just randomly rain. 

Obviously, bring water, LOTS OF WATER... unless you want to pay $3 for Dasani every 5 seconds. I don't even like Dasani.

BRING HATS FOR YOU AND THE KIDS!! No one likes a sunburn.

Hoodies and Blankets for night time! It gets cold FAST. Disney sells these cool character blankets that roll up into a stuffed animal when you are done. We have the Mickey one and it covered across the entire stroller.

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