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#NSale & Secrets of Nordstrom

Friday, July 10, 2015
It's that time of year again, where people go crazy over the Anniversary Sale at Nordy's. As some of you know, I had the privilege to work there for a year and blessed to work through two anniversary sales (they should have sarcasm be a different font.) The entire purpose of the Early Access is so that when you walk through Nordstrom you feel like the unpopular kid who can't go in the white tents. You see people walking in and out like it's Diddy's white party. It is Nordstrom's way of tricking you into getting a card with them. Nothing wrong with getting the card- just get the debit, because the credit has an average of a 21% interest rate. Anyways, let me break it down for you.
Worth the buy:Look for things that typically don't go on sale...ever. This will be your Tory Burch, Burberry, Hunter, Rebecca Minkoff, or the Nordstrom Exclusives. If you don't have to have it, wait a little longer, because by the time fall really comes around it will probably be at Nordstrom Rack. People who spend thousands (yes people I said thousands) on this sale are probably just stocking up for christmas, so when you see those people don't freak out!

Nordstrom Secrets:
1. If the item you want to buy is cheaper elsewhere, simply show them the website and they will price match the item and beat it by a dollar. Make sure it is the exact same thing (size and color.)
2. If you have coupons to other stores (like Macy's) and Nordstrom has the item, they will honor the coupon and price adjust accordingly.
3. Most time you can get out of paying expedite shipping if you are ordering in store and you throw a pity party (or if it is around the holidays.)
4. You can wear and tear any item you have bought from Nordstrom and return it at anytime. Yes, even it it has holes and is worn out. This is part of their no return policy.

If you are wondering why none of the sales people have ever told you about this, it is because they are on commission, which means they want to earn the most from your purchase. However, they will do anything you ask because customers come first, and a discounted sale is better than no sale at all.

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