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What's in our diaper bag

Friday, January 9, 2015
Yesterday's post featured my Kate Spade diaper bag along with some alternatives. Today, I wanted to share with you guys what is in it. I hate packing a ton of things in my bag, so over the last three months I have narrowed it down to only the necessities. Here are mine and Camden's top nine picks! I also wanted to remind you that you should always have another outfit ready in case of any accidents, because there is bound to be one when you least expect it.

P.S. My ABOUT section has now been updated.

No need to explain the purpose of these.

Created by Jessica Alba, the Honest Company has promised to give you the safest diapers on the market, and the cute patterns are to die for! Camden's favorite is the little skulls.

I would've never known about this if it wasn't for my husband. It will save you many many nights of baby screaming. I usually will give this to my son after I feed him, that way he is not fussy. I have noticed it also helps him sleep.

I have used these since the day Cam was born. The animals are so cute, but also I love how the animal weighs down the Gum Drop paci. I noticed it allows him to learn how to grab objects and I see my son putting this paci back in his mouth on his own!

This is a recent discovery of mine. It has three separated compartments that hold three feeds. The top spins, so when you're done with the first slot, you just twist it to the next one. It is fast, easy and virtually mess free.

Also self explanatory. 

Camden has been chewing on his hands like there is no tomorrow! Sophie and her friends are a cute alternative to the typical teething shape toy.

For the past three months we had used the Lansinoh Momma Plastic Bottles, but I just couldn't stand the residue that would be left from the formula overtime. It made the bottles cloudy. Here is the alternative- a glass bottle. It is microwave safe (I am always hesitant about putting plastic into the microwave.) It comes with a silicone sleeve in several different colors too. That way your baby will have something to hold on to besides the slippery glass.

Trust me, you will thank me later. This toy makes all types of noises and that combined with the bright colors will distract your child from crying. Especially in the car!!!

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