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Bath Time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
So sorry I have not updated in over a week. We are officially moving to Delaware! So obviously, I have been busy packing (ok, not really but I'd like to think I have). This move is such a different experience since it is out of state, but nonetheless I am excited for the new opportunity.
Anyways,  today I thought I would do a quick post on mine and Cam's favorite bath time products!

I can't even begin to tell you how much my son LOVES the Boat bath squirties. He loves all the bright colors, but more importantly he loves to chew on them (even though he hates teething toys) and he loves to punch them and kick them. It is well worth the money. Under $20!

This towel and mitt set is adorable. Not only that, but it is the softest towel you will ever feel.

For the first year, it seem like everyone will tell you to swaddle your kid to sleep. Camden has never liked it, he always manages to break out of those things. The only time I do swaddle him is after bath time at night, I notice he will sleep for longer periods of time and falls asleep faster. The velcro makes it easier to swaddle. Under $20!

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  1. Good luck in the new place! Although I'm not a mother, I cannot wait to become one in the future and be able to buy all these little wonderful things. Is that your baby in the picture sleeping? If so, I adore that picture of him sleeping, such a little angel!



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